Web Portal

Web portal - a site or group of sites with a wide variety of information content and functionality. Portals will always contain a large number of materials and other information aimed at a certain stratum of the population, or associates. Portals to one or several subjects extensively describe it, and contain huge sections devoted to single topics.

Portal - often directed not to sell goods or services, and provide, on a fee or free basis, further opportunities for their clients or Internet users are interested in the subject site.
Creating a web portal is an investment in the future, which can greatly paid for itself. The portal can provide relevant information and enable portal users to receive information in various forms.

Development of Internet portal is a complex process, both for the developer, or for direct customer as well as an Internet resource is intended for a large number of visitors.
All portals require administration - support site is needed because information on the portal is changing and is complemented with fast speed so after the development of portal experts studio «Web Building» recommend a support site for maximum effect.

Terms of site development portal, on average 30 working days. But creating a portal is very specific and individual matter, and therefore possible for individuals may be significantly manyatsya.

Creation web-portal: price and time

Lead time and cost for the site-portal directly depends on the planned project: minimal cost of a web portal indicated above, the terms of development of the portal vary from 2 weeks to 1 month.

The FREE studies are included in a cost!

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.