Site Directory

Site directory - this site contains the most extensive information on the company's products and is characterized by a capacious amount of pages, sections, categories, headings, etc. If you want to completely give Internet users (potential customers) about their products. In this case the site directory is perfect for you.
In some cases, site-directory can be represented as an online store and have many similarities, but significant difference between the site directory of online store - no basket for a complex order through the Internet. Create website and fill it with information is not correct. When creating a site directory it needs to fill information about all products. goal of this site directory - fully informing the client on a list of proposed products.
site directory may contain information not only about the products offered, as well as any other: about us, contacts, etc., but the distinguishing feature of the site is the presence of a complete catalog of products (services).

business without a website: shortcomings
Search Customer implements manager, calling prospective clients from the list of companies, but most of the big list, he finds only a few, or no one is really standing client, having spent a whole day.
Calling all day on the phone, the manager spends a lot of time for outgoing calls and at some point may miss the client caller to the company and wants to buy products.
In order to familiarize potential customers with a list of goods (services) to be printed price list and send it to the client by fax or mail.

Business with the site - the right choice
Customers will find you themselves.
Manager will have more free time.
Reduced cash cost of printing price lists and catalogs.
Customers will be able to independently read the list of products.

standard structure of the site directory as follows: catalog (or) services company data (history and contact information). Site directory, as well as all other sites that have been in the studio «Web Building», is not limited to standards and can be supplemented.
site directory the perfect solution for small and medium businesses. Create a site directory - to provide its customers a constant (24 hours) access to price lists, product descriptions and to be informed in time about new developments.
Programmers studio «Web Building» will be able to create a website directory, including all of your requirements and suggestions.

Terms of developing the site directory on the average 25 working days.

Creation site directory: price and time

The term of development and the price on the website is not high compared to the more functional analogue in the form of the internet-shop allows the possibility of online shopping, the minimum cost of the site directory specified above, regarding the timing of development of a site, it is an average of 1 to 3 weeks.

The price includes FREE training on administration of a site!

For more detailed information, please contact customer Manager of the Studio.

The FREE teaching is included in a cost!

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.