Online shop

Rapid development of a global network that made her an integral part of business today, and online shop is becoming the de facto standard. Really - why pay for rent and to keep the numerous attendants with no low wages in the real store, if you can create an online store, and automate their business, as well as save a considerable amount of money and personal time. Or why, having a real store, not to create an online store that will lead to an increase in income. Create an online store - opening the door of his shop for Internet users (future customers).

Store - is aimed at midsize businesses, provides effective tools for the presentation of goods and services on the Internet. Has a rich system of project management.
Online shop includes a separate complex design, the form for online ordering, product catalog, order form and all necessary functions for the online store.
Each online store is developed for each client individually and can include as standard components, so many others, according to the customer.

Terms develop an online store on average 30 working days.

Creation internet shop: price and time

The period of development and the price of the online store are the most optimal for a confident start of sales through the Internet. Minimum price of the Internet-shop is the one that is specified at the top of our customers, in terms of the situation is like this: 3-4 weeks.

The FREE studies are included in a cost!

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.