Corporate Site

Corporate Site - this is the best solution for all companies who want to become leaders in their field of business.
Creating a corporate website is necessary in order to organize a rapid and efficient interactions with customers, partners and optimize the performance of your staff? If you still want to optimize business processes, it is time to order site development under the sign - "Corporate".
Corporate Site needed for a company that for years engaged in his business, and wishes to expand its activities, as well as for corporations and organizations that have offices in different cities of Ukraine. Contains detailed information about the company, including history, clearly described information about the products (services), links to partner sites and news items. In addition, many leading companies create multiple sites for individual categories and one of the main site.

Corporate Site - this is an excellent solution for large and medium-sized businesses, allows you to instantly inform its customers and partners of all the events occurring in the company. Corporate website needed for a full review of the potential customer or partner with a company's activities. Creating a corporate website by far the best option for companies that are seriously ready to expand its business in the most popular medium, at this point in time - online.
Corporate Site contains a separate complex design, a news section, price lists, catalog of products (services), information blocks for customers and partners, employees, feedback form.

Terms development of corporate websites on average 20 working days.

Creation of corporate site: price and time

The term of development and the cost of corporate site in our Studio enough not high compared with the General market prices, but We guarantee high quality of our product. Minimum price is the price of a corporate site indicated above, but it is not fixed and can be increased if the site is functional enough. Average duration of web-site development will be three weeks.

The FREE teaching is included in a cost!

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.