Any business direction can not live and develop without the information.

Copywriting - is the creation of advertising messages and texts, positive image, as well as texts for web sites optimized for certain search queries. Copywriting, which is used for search engine optimization called seo-kopiraytengom.
SEO-Copywriting is the main component in the internal site search engine optimization, net of optimizing the site code. The distinguishing characteristic of high-quality copywriting from the usual and orderly set of keywords, is a meaningful text aims not only to search engines, but also on people.

SEO-Copywriting and code optimization

Using copywriting together with the optimization code in order to «SEO», can be very effective, and after the right-optimized pages, the site can take the leading positions in poskovyh Systems (Top 10), which in turn will lead to increase the number of site visitors, and is a resource for any commercial purposes - increase profits.
Many leading companies in Ukraine and other developed countries bought copywriting service from specialist companies, because they believe copywriting the main source of their business success and high popularity of its online resource, and rightly so! After the division of labor is fundamental to successful business - each individual should do a professional job.
We professionally written text, one goal - to work on attracting new customers.

Copywriting - a profitable site.

Site Content must be profitable!
Writing the text is optimized for search queries can say the following: the text written by a professional pr manager or marketer could come up only for magazines and newspapers, the text is written mendzherov office or another employee to know any thing about copywriting in general will not effect, but as the first and the second option will not bring commercial disadvantages of the internet. Text written by a copywriter, possibly displays the page in the top 10, but for the part, it will be difficult to read and understand, and the likelihood that a potential customer, though, and got to leave it to the page in half a minute is equal to 99,9%. Therefore, in the studio «Web Building» work all the necessary expertise for writing texts that will bring commercial benefits. Stylish design, intuitive interface - excellent performance good site, but without all the textual information loses its power, since the text - the only source of inflow to your visitors. And so professional copywriting is always necessary. What will be better quality site content (content management), the better will be the result of the site.

Copywriting from the studio «WebBuilding»

In copywriting services you can take advantage of semantic core. Semantic kernel - it's all queries entered the target audience in search engines for which you will continue to build internal and external optimization.
Professional seo-copywriting very difficult job, as a copywriter must possess not only knowledge of search engine optimization, website promotion, but also the knowledge of writing articles, publications and press releases on the level of pr-manager! Therefore, in the studio «Web Building» the texts are two people: seo-specialist and pr-manager, which is doubly effective.
Order an efficient and professional copywriting can be a studio «WebBuilding» c 9-00 to 19-00. We are trusting you trust Him!

Copywriting: price and time

Time for writing of material on the average occupies 2 days.
Classic copywriting 7 USD/1000 comments not including spaces.
Classic + SEO copywriting 8 USD/1000 comments not including spaces, including meta-tags setting.