Courses on MODx: effective teaching with consultation

This flexible control system of the content of the site, as MODx, ready to give you a lot of handy features that make administration easier and error-free. You need only to get acquainted with effective tools and learn to use them, and we are ready to help you with this. Sign up for courses in MODx, our programs are designed for beginners as well as for experienced administrators who are already familiar with several CMS.

the content management System has a very broad compatibility, and extensibility - it can be expanded and improved, and with us you will learn how to do it. In the course of MODx we first consider the features, commands and features of the CMS and fully analyze, and then go to work directly with them. Each tool will be used by you in fact, on a particular web resource. In the result of the huge constructor called MODx you will be able to collect a "business card", Internet-shop, corporate or any other site.

This flexible CMS constantly modified, and we will teach you to find and with maximum efficiency to use new tools. Contact us, and courses on work with MODx will be the beginning of a successful site administration.