What is "Longed" and what it eats?

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Every day on the Internet create a lot of different terms. This also applies to texts that are placed in the network. If you are a copywriter who keeps abreast of events, you must be aware of the latest trends in copywriting. Even if some professional concept not at the hearing, you should know what it means. For example, do you know what "longed"? You could often hear the term, but, as practice shows, not all of them know its exact value.

Longid (long read) – this brand new tool for creating long texts for network resources. We all know that long texts are not too popular in the network. People need clear information – very clear and without water. But longed is a universal way to convey a lot of text to the user and he will read it! Ie in the modern world of web design and web development by longrider can be considered as a multimedia offshoot of the "Landing page" (the landing page).

the Secret longride that it is not a solid sheet of text, and so-called complex presentation of information. Text blocks in longreach diluted with images, videos, infographics, presentations, music, Yes everything. Interactive elements in this text is not just a zamylivaniye of eyes, and a full part of the presentation. For example, you are writing about cat food and during the story, continue the line taste the video, which the cat gladly eats the advertised product, after the movie you continue your SEO text without losing the user's attention.

Captivating the reader a variety of material feed, you become not just a copywriter wrote the text for the search engine. You create a real dimension that submitted in the format of a fascinating story.

There are three main types of longido:

  1. Reportage. The main thing is realistic to talk about the service. The narration should be in third person, but try to avoid eating in the narrative the word "I".
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  3. Reconstruction. This is a real analyst. You need to describe and analyze the chain of certain events which will lead to the desired outcome. In the reconstruction of the important role played by music, visuals and graphic content.
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  5. Portraits (the second name ? people stories) as you may have guessed portrait of longride is reviews, interviews, biographical sketches and essays. While speaking copywriter required to disclose the identity of the hero, to tell the user base.

How to create longride?

  1. Longid – a very complex structured material. If you have just entered the path of journalism/copywriting – longed. For him you need to gain experience.
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  3. Explore a topic, which is going to cover! Do not start work hurriedly. Explore the materials, read different views, to use in their work different sources of information. Zavlenie the reader an interesting flow, rare facts and memorable videographic materials.
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  5. Place emphasis and make a clear diagram of what you are going to write. Longrod – this is not a novel, structured and analytical material.
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  7. Before you start – make the working outline of how it will look in your longed.
Published - 04.04.2016