13 useful tips for Google switching to HTTPS

the Transition from http to https

specialist of the Department of quality search engine Google to work with webmasters John Mueller, responded to questions about the transition from HTTP to HTTPS:

1. What should be changed in Search Console to move?
Nothing. You simply add the website. If you change the HTTP to HTTPS do not need to send a request to change the address.

2. How to properly perform A/Btest?
For testing neyroendokrinnykh sites to HTTPS you need to use a 302 redirect and the rel=cannonical to the HTTP version. Only in no case do the lock robots.txt.

3. Is there any guarantee that by using rel=canonical can successfully index the url with HTTP?
Unfortunately, no. But it will be an important sign for You in the selection of indexed addresses.

4. What is the next step after the test?
Pay attention to the tips for moving! To start, perform the setup 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. Then add rel=canonical on pages with HTTPS with a recursive reference. And then you need to create the Sitemap with HTTP and HTTPS URLs. Better just save the file (Sitemap) to HTTPS.

5. What robots.txt?
For the site to HTTPS require HTTPS robots.txt. Be sure to check whether the website or gives a 404. The HTTP address should not be closed in robots.txt HTTP.

6. What if not all pages on HTTPS?
This is normal. Test first one part, then move on to the next.

7. How to migrate? To transfer all at once or in parts?
Move the parts.

8. Will the site lose ground?
Of course, the changes in the balloons. They happen and other changes on the website. Sorry, we can't guarantee that nothing will change, but often the transition to HTTPS is going well.

9. Which is required an SSL certificate?
Use any certificate that suits modern browsers.

10. Is it possible that the site may lose link juice due to the redirects?
No. The website will only lose the PageRank due to 301 and 302 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS.

11. When moving to HTTPS if I can see the search terms in Google Analytics?
The transition to HTTPS won't change. You will be able to see search queries in the Search Console.

12. Tell me, please, how can I check the number of pages in the index?
In the Search Console, you can check HTTP and HTTPS separately. Just choose the "index Status".

13. How long will it take to transition to HTTPS?
The speed of re-indexing will depend on the size of the site. The transition will be carried out using base URLs.

Published - 18.04.2016